Our Approach

Our Passion

Some people think we live in uncertain times. At The Bulb, we think we live in exciting times. The thriving businesses of the future will be those who do great things with less.

Everything we do is rooted in an understanding that less is more. More budget available from costs saved. A greater ability to adapt to environmental changes. Maintaining the value of materials used, using circular economy approaches. Our Manifesto outlines our approach, our goals, and our passion for collaborating with others.

Our clients get great events with a great legacy, they save money, enhance their reputation as a good business and attract brand loyalty at the same time. It’s a powerful combination and it’s what we do every day.

Any way you look at it, it’s win-win-win - for our clients, for the communities in which our client's events take place and for the environment.

Our three year targets reflect our ambition and are in the five areas where we can have the biggest impact - Social and Legacy, Food Waste, Materials and Production, Energy and Transport.

Our targets also align us strategically and practically with a global movement of organisations working toward similar aims, from the UN to the Ellen Macarthur Foundation.

We report regularly on how we’re doing, because it keeps us accountable, drives us forward, allows us to share what we’ve learned and can inspire others.


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