Our Mission

Who We Are


The Mission

The Bulb is driven by passion.
For great events, for people, for planet and for good business.
We create innovative, fun, unforgettable events.

We are drawing a line
rejecting ‘old-fashioned events,’ with their aftermath of food waste
unconscious energy use, throwaway sets and short-term focus.

We are on a mission
to live like tomorrow matters every time we go to work.
We deliver amazing events that leave a positive legacy.

We invite others to join us
Collaborators. Co-conspirators. Disruptors. Champions. World-changers.

We are The Bulb.
We can help you shine.

Who We Are

The Bulb was set up by Selina Donald and Ruth Weldon in January 2015. Since then, our team has continue to grow and we’ve established an ever-expanding network of collaborators, partners, suppliers and clients who love who we are, what we do and how we do it.

Ruth Weldon

Ruth is a party planning pro. For over a decade, she’s worked with clients like not-for-profit Barnardos and big corporations like Deloitte, Sky and Ericson, has produced events for ITV at Cannes and managed festivals in Barcelona and Las Vegas for Redken. Her love for creating beautiful events led Ruth to co-found The Bulb, because an event that has a negative impact on the environment and on local communities isn’t genuinely beautiful. It’s her mission to ensure The Bulb events are planned and delivered to create maximum beauty before, during and after the event.


Selina Donald

Selina’s epiphany moment came while working on the London 2012 Opening and Closing Ceremonies, which served as memorable bookends for the most sustainable Olympic Games to-date. It became clear to her then that weaving sustainability considerations into all event aspects was the only way forward. As well as London 2012, she’s played a part in several high profile projects including England 2018 World Cup Bid, the British House during the Rio Olympics 2016 and as part of the senior management team for the ITV events team. Selina’s mission in co-founding The Bulb is to create great events that leave the best legacy possible.

Our Values

These values are everything The Bulb stands for.

They are our foundations, our roots.

They shape the culture we’ve built, who we are as people, and what we believe in.

This is how The Bulb works.

Be Sustainable

Our foundations are rooted in sustainability – from our business practices to our production methods, to working with like-minded suppliers.

It’s all about responsibility – in everything we do.

Be Curious

Innovation is the cornerstone of positive change.

So we love finding new ways of doing things. Different ways. Better ways.

Then, we pass all that learning on to our clients.

Be Transparent

We’re not about fluff, or small-talk, or making promises we can’t keep.

Nope, that’s not us.

We're all about openness, honesty and forging relationships that operate on trust. We're always transparent in our working methods and make sure our clients are in the know every step of the way.

Be Proud

We take pride in our achievements and expertise. We’re proud of our beliefs. Of our track-record. Of our ability to perform when the heat is on

Be Positive

Great doesn't come easy. It requires hard work and passion but most importantly it requires a great team. A team of people that share our vision, values and aims.

A team that's positive.


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